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Winnipeg Real Estate Market Report - Monthly Housing Market Update

Bo Kauffmann Oct 22, 2019

Winnipeg Real Estate Market Update for October 2019

Housing Sales, Listings and Inventory stats for Winnipeg's real estate market in October 2019.

Winnipeg House-Market Highlights for October 2019

  • Total # of Houses Sold past 31 days:  555  (592 last month)
  • Total # of Houses for Sale:   1772  (1945 last month)
  • Most Expensive House Sold:  1.275 Million in Tuxedo

Market Stats of Winnipeg housing sales, listings & inventory levels.

What is "Inventory Levels"?  It's the answer to the question:  How many days would it take to sell ALL listings at the current rate of sale, if NO NEW listings came to the market now?  The lower the number, the hotter the market!

What's the market for houses under $250,000?

With inventory levels at 94 days, the market has cooled off a little, compared to last month's 108 days. 

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How is the market for mid-range houses in Winnipeg?

Lots of available listings, and slowing buyer activity = 75 days of inventory.  A fairly balanced market in Winnipeg.

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Good time to buy a Luxury Home in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg's Luxury home market really only ranges from 'Buyers Market' to 'Super Hot Buyers Market'.

At 249 Days of Inventory, luxury home buyers have lots of choices, and little competition.

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