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Condo Market Report - Winnipeg Condominium Market in September 2019

Bo Kauffmann Sep 15, 2019

Condo Market Report - Winnipeg - September 2019

A look at the condominium sales, available listings and inventory levels.  Determining whether we are in a buyers market or sellers market in Winnipeg.

Market Highlights for September 2019

Total number of Condos for sale in Winnipeg:  799

Total number of Condos sold in past month:  93

Most expensive condo sold in past month:
$1.3 Million in Tuxedo

September Listing & Sales Stats

September was generally slower than the previous month, but much faster than the same time last year.

Are Condos still a Buyers Market in Winnipeg? YES!

Over the past 5 yrs, condos have been in a strong buyers market, and this month is no different.

Lots of inventory means lots of choices for buyers looking for their first condo.

What kind of market are Luxury Condos in Winnipeg?

Luxury Condos, all the way up to over $1 Million, are seeing a buyers market in Winnipeg.

Check out what you can get in the condo market.

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