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11 Insider Tips for Selling Your Home

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Selling your house can be a tricky affair. These insider tips will help you sell your home to the right buyer at the right price!
Insider Selling Tip #11
Maximum Marketing
Market your home everywhere possible – print media, online platforms, social media, videos ads, etc. The wider your marketing net, the better your chances of catching the big fish.
Insider Selling Tip #10
Pricing IT Right
For example, your house might fetch a price between $330K to $350K. List it at the lower end of that range and then create a strategy to attract multiple offers.
Consult your agent and establish a fair market value for your property that includes a range of numbers, NOT a single price.
Insider Selling Tip #9
Make IT Bright
Buyers LOVE a bright home. Remove heavy drapery and open those blinds. Clean the windows and remove any exterior awnings (or at least, roll them up).
Don’t forget the lighting fixtures - ensure they all are in working condition and are holding the maximum wattage bulbs permitted.
Insider Selling Tip #8
Make sure that potential buyers get the impression that your home has ‘a lot of space’. Buyers who are downsizing or upsizing place a significant value on having sufficient room. So, declutter!

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Insider Selling-Tip #7
Hide All Pet Evidence
Many people love pets, but some don’t. Why take a chance and shut off potential buyers who don’t like that dog smell or cat litter box odor?
Take the pets away before the showings, and hide all doggie treats and food dishes.
Inside Selling Tip #6
Don’t Over-renovate
It is advisable to fix all that’s broken, and then evaluate. Don’t spend money in updating a 20-year-old kitchen if it’s still perfectly functional.
But do replace worn out carpets & broken lights, and paint scuffed walls. Don’t finish the basement or add a garage just for the purpose of selling. You may not get your money back!
Insider Selling Tip #5
Make a Great First Impression
There is a saying in real estate, “you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.”  Manicured lawns in summer and shovelled walks in winter create a welcoming atmosphere.
Make sure your home is fresh and clean, and even smells that way. But there’s no need to light candles, incense, or plug in room fresheners – sometimes less is more!
Insider Selling-Tip #4
Depersonalize Your Home
The potential buyers need to envision themselves in your home. That’s harder to do if the place is filled with personal pictures and momentos
Take down those hunting trophies, definitely hide and/or secure any firearms, and remove religious symbols and artifacts. Your potential buyer may not share your hobbies or religious affiliations.

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Insider Selling Tip #3
Focus on the Kitchen
However, a little goes a long way. Fresh paint, new cabinet handles, new lights, and maybe a new countertop are all you might need to bring up the value.
The kitchen is the focal point of any house. Upgrading it can be very beneficial.
Insider Selling Tip #2
Make IT Easy to See
You can help by keeping your home clean, decluttered, and ready to show at all times. The more showing requests you can accommodate, the better.
Offer buyers the path of least resistance while navigating your house.
Insider Selling Tip #1
Hire the Right Agent
There are lots of real estate agents out there; make sure you get a good one. Experience counts, but also their ability to look after you. Do you want an agent who has a hundred listings, or one who will treat you special?

 Sucheta Pradhan

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