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10 Questions to Ask the Listing Agent Before Hiring Them

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Looking to sell your house or condo in Winnipeg? Perhaps the very first thing you need to do is to hire a good listing agent who can not only help you through the process, but can also get you a great deal at the end.
But if you don’t already know a good and reputed listing agent, you’ll have to search for one, for which you’ll have to interview a bunch of them before taking your pick. To find the listing agents in your city, here’s what you can do:
Ask a friend or a relative to recommend
… if they happen to know any agent who helped them with their home sale!
Check out the local Better Business Bureau for customer feedback, reviews, and complaints about listing agents in Winnipeg!
Check their Google reviews but make sure that they are legit and given by real people!
Once you’ve shortlisted the listing agents, the next step is to interview them to see if they fit your requirement. Page through for 10 most important questions you should ask before hiring your listing agent!

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#1: How long have you been in the business?
Answer to look for: Minimum four years of experience.
The question is how many of them can survive after being around for a couple of years. Look for a seasoned agent, not a novice!
Why Ask: Off late, with a few spare dollars and some extra time, everyone aspires to become a real estate agent.
#2: Where would you advertise my home?
Answer to look for: Extensively on the Internet and of course the MLS®.
Why Ask: About 80% to 87% of home buyers use the Internet for their home search. However, approx. one in three home buyers also turn to MLS® as their primary tool. Make sure that your home gets noticed by other agents and prospective buyers!
#3: Who will photograph my home?
Answer to look for: A dedicated specialist who takes all my listing photos.
Why Ask: Good photos go a long way in fetching better deals. You don’t want an agent who tries to cut costs by taking out his cell phone on the spot and clicking a few amateur pictures here and there.
#4: Do you have a website?
Answer to look for: YES in all caps. He should also give a little explanation about the pros of having a good website.
Why Ask: With so many buyers searching for their dream homes on the World Wide Web, it is imperative for a real estate agent to have a good website. It adds to the agent’s credibility.
#5: Are you active on social media?
Answer to look for: Sure. Here’s our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, etc.
Why Ask: Social media is where some of the most engaged and genuine home buyers may be found. Social media platforms are best places to interact with your prospective buyer.
#6: How many homes do you sell annually?
Answer to look for: In the answer, look for a good balance.
Why Ask: In comparison to an average real estate agent, if your prospective listing agent is selling more homes, it tells you two things – he is more experienced and they he/she has too much work and less time to work on YOUR home. Look for a balance between their workload and time!
#7: Who should I connect with if something goes wrong?
Answer to look for: Call ME directly; not anyone else.
Why Ask: Many real estate listing agents have big teams to deal with their customers. If such is the case, you might end up talking to the main guy only during the interview and never afterwards. Therefore, it is always better to know beforehand who your point of contact would be.
#8: Is this your full-time job?
Answer to look for: A definite YES.
Why Ask: Do not choose an agent whose time and focus are distributed between two occupations.
Most areas now allow for part-time agents.

Pick an agent who is focused on his/her job.
#9: How can I contact you?
Answer to look for: This is my direct cell number, email address, etc.
Why Ask: There will be plenty of occasions where you’ll need to talk to your listing agent. These may include resolving queries, getting updates, and so on. Ensure your agent is available whenever you need him/her!
#10: How much commission do you charge?
Answer to look for: In the answer, make sure that it’s a fair rate.
Why Ask: It is vital to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. The cut-rate commission shouldn’t also cut out things like advertising and ongoing support. If need be, don’t hesitate to ask more questions regarding this.
While it is extremely important that you ask all these questions to your prospective listing agent, there is also one question that you should never ask –
What according to you is my home’s worth?
If the agent is really desperate to get a client, he/she might quote you the highest price, which might even be unrealistic at times. Therefore, this question should always be answered after you’ve picked your agent.
At the end, it is always more important to focus on what an agent can do for you rather than what he/she thinks might happen with your listing. Emphasize on ‘what is’ instead of ‘what you think should be’.

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